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The secret of successful retailing is having the right product, at the right place, and at the right time.

Imagine your sales associate is having trouble maintaining their inventory, resulting in several out-of-stock notices. The SGS Sales Associate application allows for inventory visibility, which can provide your sales associates with a list of concrete tasks that maintain items on the shelves and reduces out-of-stocks.

Or you may have a customer at a store trying on a shirt that’s a size too small. No problem. By using the SGS Smart Fitting Room application, customers can alert associates that a larger size is needed. Once located, the right shirt size is delivered to the fitting room in concierge style.

These are just a few of the components from our VISION Retail Platform, which is designed to improve operational efficiencies and increase sales by leveraging the power of data.

The VISION Retail Platform seamlessly connects tags, sensors, gateways, and videos to deliver actionable insight on all aspects of inventory management and omnichannel customer engagement.

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According to Intel Labs, the average on-shelf availability is 60 to 65 percent. Think about this for a moment. That means that on average a retailer only knows where 65 out of 100 items are located in their store at any given time. That’s a lot of lost sales.

The Sales Associate application offers inventory visibility, which enables retailers to offer enhanced omnichannel customer engagement programs. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and increased revenue.

It provides sales associates with a list of concrete tasks that maintain items on the shelves and reduce out-of-stock items. While it helps to increase sales, the improved efficiency will also ultimately translate into decreased costs.

In addition, we made the development of a clean and simple user interface a priority. It is designed to get your associates up and running in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

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Smart Fitting Room and Replenishment Application for Tablet and Mobile Devices | Retail and the Internet of Things

The Smart Fitting Room application provides a unique, personalized shopping experience for your customers. For you, it provides invaluable insight by collecting behavioral data.

The Smart Fitting Room application is an important component of the VISION Retail Platform. Integrating cutting-edge technology with an intuitive user interface, the application provides:

  • Concierge-style service through real-time alerts to sales associates, who can then deliver the requested item to the customer
  • Personalized customer recommendations of related merchandise and accessories, allowing for increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Increased security/loss prevention and decreased inventory shrinkage by increasing the visibility of items brought into the fitting room
  • Data collection that assists with more efficient and effective store stocking, purchasing, product placement, and marketing campaigns

To maximize simplicity, the Smart Fitting Room application runs on the same user interface as the Sales Associate application. This results in a minimal learning curve for your associates—minutes instead of days or weeks.

Your customers will also find an incredibly simple and intuitive experience that enhances and improves their shopping experience.

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