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SATO Global Solutions’ digital store platform is designed to improve operational efficiencies and increase sales by leveraging the power of data. Capitalizing on a robust foundation of scalable, secure Intel® technologies, the platform provides business intelligence targeted to the specific challenges of the retail industry. The platform seamlessly connects item RFID tags, sensors, gateways, and videos to deliver actionable insight on all aspects of inventory management and customer engagement completing the loop "from your back room to your showroom to their living room."


Historically, retail store technologies have been offered independently of one another and were designed to capture information, not share it with other store systems, generating unsatisfactory ROI. The SGS digital store platform links applications, data, and in-store communication. The data it connects can come from the consumer, any of a retailer’s operational departments, or from outside vendors, to deliver a comprehensive, omnichannel customer experience and the industry standard in retail solutions.


"Although consumers use digital devices to better prepare for their trips to the store, a whopping 82 percent of shoppers make the actual purchase decision in-aisle," according to a 2015 report from Forrester Research, Inc. This means retailers will have to provide the right information and service at the right moment to the right person.


Data can be shared with retail systems for inventory tracking, including merchandise inventory, point-of-sale (PoS) software and digital signage, providing actionable insight across key store systems. By achieving multiple tasks with a single infrastructure, the SGS Retail solution can dramatically boost a retailer’s ROI.






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a gateway to the internet of things (iot)

SATO Global Solutions delivers the rugged dependability and reliable performance required in a retail environment. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders allow us to leverage hang tags, sensors, and other identifying technology to capture data and convert it into accurate, meaningful, actionable insights through the IoT gateway.


We deliver complete solutions including all the hardware, software, consumables, and support to link this data to your IT systems, including existing merchandise inventory and point of sale software. By turning this data into meaningful, actionable information, we help you decrease costs, increase revenue, optimize processes, enhance security, protect your investments, and improve customer satisfaction.


benefits include


    SATO’s digital store platform provides a multitude of benefits that impact business units across your organization:

    Investment Protection

    • It flexibly tailors current and future technologies that will work best for a retailer.
    • It separates the act of collecting data from storing and analyzing the data providing investment protection in IoT infrastructure and historical data.
    • Heavy analytical and processing tasks leverage the cloud, thereby simplifying on-prem infrastructure, maintenance and administration.

    More Effective Marketing
    • SATO’s customer engagement application provides the ability to customize the shopping experience for each individual shopper creating a personal shopper/VIP experience for all customers.
    • It encourages increased adaption of loyalty apps.
    • It captures enhanced store data such as customer behavior and buying patterns that will allow for better product placement and more targeted marketing campaigns.

    • Our partnership with global leaders such as Zscaler means that your data – and that of your customers – is kept secure.

    • Cloud-based solutions provided by Amazon make it easier for retailer to implement solutions rapidly and efficiently.

    • Retailers can choose applications or services specific to your needs and thus build upon a stable and consolidated platform.
    • Centralized and local management of data and applications allows individual stores to maximize the effectiveness of data usage.

    Ease of Use
    • A smooth, intuitive user interface and advanced mobile technologies increase operational efficiency.


  • Store Operations – The Retail Advantage

    Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs

    • Integrate inventory management across your supply chain from manufacturing through point of sale.
    • Eliminate manual cycle counting with near-real-time inventory visibility.
    • Reduce staff training and improve productivity with a simple and intuitive user interface. 
    • Reduce costs associated with inventory distortion, such as out-of-stock and overstock.
    • Minimize future investment with a comprehensive IoT platform that supports multiple sensor types.

    Increase Sales
    • Help sales associates or customers locate a specific item (such as a desired size or color) even when that merchandise is misplaced.
    • Optimize product display by identifying misplaced items and notifying store associates when and where to replenish products.
    • Integrate digital signage with local store inventory to promote slow-moving inventory – thus avoiding unnecessary markdowns – and seasonal merchandise.
    • Provide in-depth intelligence on customer behavior patterns and preferences, trafficked routes, backroom stock, misplaced items, and potential shrinkage.
    • Provide real-time activity monitoring throughout the story to analyze foot traffic, improve store layout, and refine planograms.

    Improve the Customer Experience
    • Provide upsell and cross-sell opportunities through digital solutions that make recommendations based on items the customer is holding, what’s currently in stock, past buying behaviors, and expressed preferences.
    • Offer customers concierge-style service via real-time alerts to sales associates on the floor, who then deliver the requested items to the customer.
    • Enable “brick and click” integration of your stores and websites involving shipping from stores and in-store pickups.
    • Promote relationship retailing through improved omni-channel knowledge of customer shopping history and visit frequency.
    • Provide more accurate segmentation, better inventory management, and targeted promotional pricing. 



Tighter regulations coupled with a strong focus on cost containment, patient safety, and patient and employee satisfaction have pushed the healthcare industry to increase its use of technology. SATO Global Solutions offers comprehensive and affordable automatic identification (Auto-ID) solutions that enable hospitals, medical centers, specimen labs, and other medical providers to reduce the cost of operations, improve the accuracy of identification systems, and enhance patient safety and satisfaction. By empowering your staff with tools to meet your data collection and labeling needs, we help you reduce workloads in inventory control, prevent medical errors, and achieve traceability. Our solutions can fulfill the enhanced product tracing pedigree requirements that rolled out for the pharmaceutical industry in January 2015, as well as the unique device identification (UDI) requirements for medical devices effective in September 2015.


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phase jitter modulation (pjm)

Our patented Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) RFID technology has revolutionized the orthopedic implant industry. Since it’s often impossible to determine the correct implant size until the surgery is in progress, manufacturers typically supply multiple sizes on a consignment basis; unused materials are returned to the manufacturer. Tracking loaned and returned supplies was traditionally a time- and labor-intensive process, requiring each item in the kit to be manually picked, scanned, received, and returned. Our PJM Orbit and PJM Assure vastly improve loan kit processing, enabling an entire kit to be scanned simultaneously with 100% reliability at speeds of up to 600 tags per second – even when items are stacked or contain metals! Unlike other RFID technologies, PJM RFID is completely unaffected by liquid, making our PJM Blood Safety ideal for tracking blood samples with 100% accuracy. Our PJM Cabinet provides real-time stock control for medication and supplies including inventory, expiration, and recall management.


benefits include

  • Improved Regulatory Compliance


    If you’re implementing BPOC (barcode point-of-care) verification systems or similar patient safety technologies, our solutions help you meet the demanding requirements of the FDA, AHA, HIPAA, and JCAHO industry guidelines for patient privacy, identification wristbands and labels, serialization compliance, chain of custody, pharmaceutical tracking, and biohazard compliance.


  • Increased Patient Safety


    Our PJM technology addresses many of the diverse challenges that hospitals, medical centers, specimen labs, and pharmaceutical companies face: asset tracking, inventory management, traceability, infection control, patient management, and visitor control. Our solutions can reduce patient identification, medication dispensing, and operating room errors that lead to medical malpractice, litigation, and liability payouts.


  • Increased Patient Satisfaction


    Integrated electronic health records management, hospital information services, and other system-wide process improvements create a simpler, more transparent consumer experience that increases patient satisfaction.



To ensure the freshness and safety of our food supply, it’s critical for growers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to be able to track and trace food and beverage products across the supply chain. SATO Global Solutions can help you meet new GS1 standards and boost regulatory compliance by customizing a food traceability solution that gives you complete visibility from farm-to-fork or sea-to-sushi.


Using Auto-ID technology, we link your physical goods with virtual data and then provide tracking systems to trace the foods and beverages on their journey from harvest and ingredient delivery, through processing and shipping, all the way to the point of sale. With barcodes or RFID tags on a carton, crate, pallet, or clamshell, you can easily and accurately use real-time data to identify, recall, or return any item. For perishable items, combining RFID tags with temperature sensors lets you monitor and ensure an unbroken cold chain.


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Food and Beverage Industry Industry | SATO Global Solutions | www.satoglobalsolutions.com/featured1.php

turn-key systems

At every step of the way, answers to key questions about product history and safety are at your fingertips, saving you time and money while avoiding potential health issues and associated litigation.


For example:



  • Where was this grown?
  • What pesticides were used?
  • When was this harvested?
  • How was this transported?
  • Where was this processed?
  • Were adequate precautions taken to prevent contamination?
  • What is the expiration date?
  • Were temperature controls maintained throughout the entire process?



SATO Global Solutions provides turn-key systems to help you move food and beverages through the supply chain more quickly and efficiently. Our barcode and RFID technologies speed up the data capture process and cut crucial cycle times from processing and delivery. Combined with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) software and our expertise in Materials Handling and Automation, we can optimize all aspects of your operations. Let us design a solution that helps you:


benefits include

  • Increase Regulatory Compliance to Improve Food Safety


    • Guarantee an unbroken cold chain for temperature-sensitive products
    • Monitor expiration dates and arrange products to promote "first in, first out"
    • Conform to industry standards, such as the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)
    • Ensure compliance with health and food safety regulations from the USDA, FDA, and others
    • Track health outbreaks back to the source to implement recall notifications quickly


  • Manage Inventory Efficiently and Effectively


    • Automate inventory management to increase efficiency, improve turnover, and decrease costs
    • Identify high shrinkage exposure by product, store, or employee
    • Measure consumer behaviors and use insights to refine marketing and operations
    • Notify store staff when and where to move products to increase sales
    • Leverage digital signage and promotional or markdown pricing to help sell slow-moving inventory, seasonal products, or perishables that are nearing expiration
    • Predict out-of-stocks and take preventative or corrective action


  • Provide a Better Customer Experience


    • Maximize customer engagement and increase cross-sell opportunities by suggesting menu pairings
    • Streamline the customer's purchase experience through targeted couponing, better product layout, and faster checkout
    • Leverage your existing loyalty program